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  • Join us for the premiere of That (Virtual) Physics Show   presented with Urban Stages and Brooklyn Public Libraries

Lifetime professional physics demonstrator David Maiullo brings his scientific "magic" from his classroom to your living room in this high-energy presentation.

That Physics Show is based on hundreds of physics experiments presented at conferences and in classrooms across the country.  Learn what damage a ping pong ball can do as it hurtles 700 miles an hour through a vacuum tube, see the shape of sound in a dancing flame, and predict the shapes of smoke rings shot from a trash can!


  • That Astronomy Show

  • That Math Show

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"Really fun for kids and adults alike. We all learned so much and had a blast while doing so. My kids came out motivated and inspired to pursue science."

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"What a physics lesson at school should be like.

This was 90 minutes of WOW!"